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Bed Bug Extermination in Northern California

Bed bugs fall in and out of headlines as California’s one of most prevalent problems. Commonly overlooked, the cimex lectularius or bed bugs often crop up as a result of neglect. What’s even more problematic is that these pesky insects can hitchhike from someone else’s furniture, clothes, or even through a pet, and lay waste on your home.

While this common pest doesn’t transmit deadly diseases to humans, a bed bug bite can cause itchy red spots that are sure to rob you of a good night’s sleep.

The spread of bed bugs can easily lower your quality of life. Get in touch with California Bed Bug Exterminators for professional pest control service.


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California Bed Bug Exterminators is one of the most effective solutions at eliminating any bed bug problem you might have in the Sacramento area and other parts of Northern California. Our team of bed bug control service experts has worked with countless patients over the years with all kinds of bed bug situations, from the most extreme cases of a complete bed bug pest infestation, to your average subtle bed bug issues.

No bed bug problem is too big or small for California Bed Bug Exterminators. Living with live bed bugs is never a good thing, and calling in the right people with the best solutions is the only way to guarantee that you and your family are safe from the dangers of bed bugs.

With California Bed Bug Exterminators, we offer our customers:

Heat Extermination of bed bugs:

Heat extermination of bed bugs is the only method that can guarantee bed bug removal in 1 day without the use of harmful chemicals. It is a convenient option because it requires little preparation and it eliminates the need for repeat visits

Complete and Thorough Inspections:

With every home, we promise to deliver the most complete and thorough inspection, making sure that every inch of your home is bed bug-free

Quick, Effective, and Efficient Exterminations:

We waste no time with our exterminations and treatments. We know how important it is to be in and out of your home quickly and efficiently, while guaranteeing a complete extermination

A Caring and Compassionate Professional Team:

We treat every home and family we work with with care and compassion. We understand the pains a bed bug infestation can bring, and strive to eliminate any of your bed bug problems

Call us today to learn more about our bed bug treatment services in Northern California, and say goodbye to your bed bugs as soon as possible.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

For many people, bed bugs might just look like any tiny pest. These signs can help you determine what kind of pest you’re dealing with at home:

Adult Bed Bug:

Adult bugs are tiny reddish brown insects that often come in clusters. They do not fly and can be found crawling from one spot to another.

Small Dark Spots:

Just like any other insect, bed bugs leave excrement. The presence of tiny, almost dot-sized excrement could be a sign that there are bed bugs in the area.

Tiny Eggshells
Around Furniture:

Although they can be quite difficult to spot, you might occasionally see bed bug shells that are pale yellow in color.

Tiny Red Or
Rusty Stains:

When squashed, bed bugs leave red or rust stains from the blood they feed on from their host. You can try squishing some pillows together to see if there are bed bugs hiding in corners of your bed. If you observe faint dot-like stains, you might have bed bugs on your furniture.

When To Call the California Bed Bug Exterminator Team

You Can’t Stand It Anymore:

You know your home has had a bed bug problem for a while, but you didn’t want to go through the cost or effort of dealing with the issue. But you’re sick and tired of the bites, and the general feeling of having little pests in the tiniest crevices in your home, and you want to say goodbye to them for good.

You Want To Feel Safe
and Clean In Your Home:

One of the worst things of having bed bugs is that you no longer feel safe and clean in your own home, and in your own bed. The feeling of tiny little critters crawling around your box spring mattress, bed, and other furniture is enough reason alone to call in professional and trusted exterminators.

The Infestation Is
Getting Worse:

You let the problem spiral out of control, and now the bed bugs are all over. Any DIY strategies you may have tried to get rid of them haven’t worked, and now they’re everywhere.

The Bed Bugs Keep
Coming Back:

Maybe you experienced some positive results with your DIY elimination methods, or maybe other pest professional exterminators already gave your home a visit. But for whatever reason, the bed bugs keep coming back, and you just don’t know what to do anymore.

You Want a Quick and Guaranteed Solution:

You never want to think about bed bugs again, and you want California’s best bed bug management team to come in and take care of the pest problem once and for all.

California Bed Bug Exterminators: Getting Back A Good Night’s Sleep

Contrary to what most people believe, bed bugs don’t go away on their own. They populate and can really degrade your quality of life. Don’t sleep on your bed bug problem. With bed bug heat treatment, chemical treatment, and other bed bug initial treatment methods, we can get rid of your bedbug issues and all bed bug eggs in no time at all.

Seek professional pest management and extermination services from California Bed Bug Exterminators. Book an appointment with the best bed bug pest control company in California today.